Spoilers Ahead. Proceed at your own risk. The final episode of WandaVision came and went, and as expected, crashed the Disney+ servers as countless MCU fans were vying to see whether weeks of build-up hype would amount to something. While we did get to see the Scarlet Witch in all her glory, along with all the bad guys being defeated by the end, it did nothing to counter the after-taste of disappointment, leaving many fans divided on whether or not the series actually delivered what it promised.

While there were many expectations attached to the WandaVision finale, many of them were a result of fan theories. So, what we will talk about is all the hype the show itself and its stars set up, only to usher in a rather anti-climactic finale. 

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Jimmy Woo's witness protection missing person was an unimportant nobody?

WandaVision based the entry of Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau on this missing person but by the time the ending, the mid-credits scene, and the post-credits scene rolled in, there was no hint of who it could be. You'll remember that the reason Jimmy got S.W.O.R.D. involved was because somehow, not only had the witness gone missing but, also, his friends, family, and associates living outside Westview had forgotten he exists. 

Given that Wanda was too grief-stricken to even realize that she had created the pseudo-reality holding the townspeople captive, when and how did she have the afterthought of erasing the memories of those living outside Westview? These queries were never solved. Looks like this missing person was just a plot device to get Jimmy from Oakland to Westview, New Jersey and looks like Marvel Studios went for a lot of fakeouts as a result in WandaVision.

Fake Pietro's real identity

Evan Peters being introduced as X-Men's Quicksilver in the MCU universe wasn't just an unfounded fan theory as the audio description of Episode 5 clearly stated that "... Wanda stares at the version of Pietro from the X-Men films." But, for him to not turn out to be what fans hoped is not the real issue, the problem is that he was chosen just so WandaVision could sneak in a dirty joke which is just a play on his real name: Ralph Boehner.  We are now worried that the addition of JK Simmons, Jamie Fox, and Alfred Molina in Spider-man: No Way Home might also end up being a not-really-funny punchline.

Hayward's beef with Wanda was never elaborated

While Hayward was surely a stuck-up leader, he reserved a special hatred for Wanda and other superpowered beings. The show never really touched upon the core of his antagonistic behaviour towards those doing the right thing. He just came in, became unnecessarily villainous, and then BAM! got arrested...but for what?

The proof that he flouted the Vision's living will was erased the second the White Vision mysteriously flew away and technically Wanda is still the wrong person for kidnapping an entire town. If you look at it subjectively, Hayward was just trying to save the people by apprehending Wanda- he was doing nothing wrong. So, unless his own people turned on him, there is seriously no reason for his arrest. Remember that while Darcy had the proof of Project Cataract, she supposedly lost it the moment when Wanda extended her fake reality back in Episode 6. So, was his arrest just a hurried "justice is served moment"?

They made Darcy disappear for no reason

Now this a personal annoyance for us. The character was merely brought in as fan service, as she just got a few scenes, rammed an ice-cream truck into Hayward's vehicle, uttered "enjoy prison" (looks like her words made his arrest happen), and then just disappeared because, wait for it, "debriefings are for the weak." Seriously? That doesn't make her look cool but does drive in the feeling that the finale episode was haphazardly written. 

The big Luke Skywlaker-sized cameo was Paul Bettany himself?

Paul Bettany kept hyping up that there is going to be a cameo from an actor he always wanted to work with. Coupled with Elizabeth Olsen's tease of a "Luke-Skywalker moment," everyone expected some major blast from the past to show their face. But turns out, Bettany was merely trolling the viewers as the cameo was him only, just as the White Vision. While the appearance of the White Vision does take the edge off our disappointment here, it was still disheartening to know that WandaVision wasn't going to pull off something like The Mandalorian's Season 2 finale.

The underwhelming fight between Agatha Harkness and Wanda

Agatha Harkness was set up as someone who was even stronger than Thanos as Wanda's magical attacks have no effect on her and she just took them in like candy. But the resulting fight between her and Wanda was just a lot of disappointing VFX compared to the quality we have seen in shows like The Mandalorian

The sequence in which it happened was pretty underwhelming too- Wanda first decided to remove her Hex from Westview, realized that it would end Vision and her twins too, recast it again, fought Agatha, defeated her, and then removed the Hex anyway. The stakes were the same but suddenly her character achieved growth or was suddenly elevated from her grief to make the right decision. 

How can Wanda not face some sort of justice for what she did to the people of Westview?

Even though whatever Wanda did was a result of her immense grief over losing Vision, that doesn't justify the fact that she caused unfathomable pain to the people of Westview. She did commit a crime and while Monica as well as Jimmy were on her side, they don't govern the rest of the law enforcement. In the past, whenever the Avengers have committed an act that caused more destruction and saved fewer lives (like the Lagos incident), they were held accountable for their actions. But despite all that, Wanda just got to fly away. 

There have also been viewers who felt betrayed by the fact that WandaVision did not set up the multiverse. While we are miffed too, the show never promised to do the same, if you don't count introducing Evan Peters who was X-Men's Quicksilver as the fake Pietro and the dozens of referencing Mephisto, Nightmare, Chthon, or Kang the Conqueror.

As a whole, WandaVision was really just Wanda vs. her grief. And as promised, it does lead into Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of Madness- the astral projection of the Scarlet witch in the post-credits scene hearing her supposedly non-existent twins calling out for help does set up a ripping-apart-the-multiverse-looking-for-them scenario and causing the madness destined to take place in the next Doctor Strange film. All episodes of WandaVision are currently streaming on the official Disney+ app.

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