The common complaints aired by even the most loyal MCU fans had been about how WandaVision is being so obscure and slow. There has been some who kept their faith, absolutely sure that all mysteries will be solved with time and it is all building up to a bombshell revelation. Well, guess who has been finally rewarded? At last, the recently released Episode 4 of the Disney+ series provided answers to most (if not all) of the questions that had left everyone scratching their heads.

[The following article contains SPOILERS from WandaVision Episode 4, proceed at your own risk]

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How and when did S.W.O.R.D. come into existence?

S.W.O.R.D. in WandaVision

There have been plenty of theories claiming that Nick Fury created the organization after those blipped away were brought back by the Avengers or how S.W.O.R.D. was created in response to the crisis in Westview. But now it has been revealed that the US intelligence agency was established decades ago by Maria Rambeau, Carol Danvers' friend we met back in Captain Marvel. She probably decided to set it up after she met the Skrulls and discovered that the Kree were enemies. While it was never doubtful, it is now confirmed that it is S.W.O.R.D. that has been trying to penetrate the breach around the town of Westview

How S.W.O.R.D. discovered Wanda's little fake Utopia?

Wanda's fake utopia in WandaVision

Agent Jimmy Woo sought the help of S.W.O.R.D. on a missing person's case of the FBI. The missing individual, who is in the Witness Protection Program, lives in Westview and suddenly all their relatives, friends, and associates have forgotten that he/she exists. Even those living around the town have forgotten that it is there. It was to inspect this weird issue that S.W.O.R.D. sent in Monica, which brings us to...

The red toy helicopter

Red toy helicopter in WandaVision

Well, opposed to popular theories that the toy helicopter that Wanda discovered was actually a real chopper through which Monica tried to enter Westview, it has now been revealed that it was actually a drone. 

After arriving on the edge of the mysterious town, Monica decided to send in a S.W.O.R.D. drone to check what was happening inside, only for it to disappear the moment it stepped over the energy field surrounding Westview. On entering the 1960s-style sitcom reality, the drone changed or was transformed by "someone" into the toy helicopter to both fit it into the retro style of the decade and also to render it useless. 

How Monica Rambeau ended up in Wanda's fake TV land?

Monica in WandaVision

Stumped by the sudden disappearance of the drone, Monica went to the very edge of the town only to find a strange energy cover. Fascinated by it, she touched it despite repeated warnings from Jimmy and was sucked in. Our guess is that just like the people of the town, her memories were also suppressed and she transformed into a character of the sitcom until Wanda threw her out (more on that later).

The pseudo-reality is not going to remain contained within Westview

Westiview in WandaVision

Upon her arrival at the camp S.W.O.R.D. has set up outside Westview, Darcy Lewis puts forward an ominous discovery- that the energy field covering the town is only limited to it for "now," This means that not only is a full town lost in a sitcom world, but there are also high chances that it will spread if not stopped. 

The real identity of the townspeople of Westview

Townpeople of Westview in WandaVision

We get to know that the townspeople are real and have different identities like Mr and Mrs Hart are actually Todd and Sharon Davis while Abhilash Tandon turned into Norm. 

Who was the woman watching the show at the end of Episode 1?

Woman watching the show in WandaVision

At the end of the first episode, we saw the show end and then a glimpse of the real world where we witnessed a woman watching the show on an old TV set sitting amidst modern equipment. Episode 4 showed that the theories were right- the one watching the broadcast is indeed Darcy Lewis, who is back in the MCU for the first time since Thor: Dark World.

Whose voice did we hear on the radio?

Voice on the radio in WandaVision

In an attempt to help Jimmy, Darcy set up a system where they tried to contact Wanda through the various radios, we see in the sitcom land. It was Jimmy who almost managed to contact the Avenger while she was having her super-creepy chat with Dottie. 

The beekeeper

Beekeeper in WandaVision

Despite many plausible and elaborate theories about how the beekeeper we saw at the end of Epiosde 2 was Swarm, someone from AIM or Mephisto himself, it has now been revealed that it was actually a S.W.O.R.D. agent, Agent Franklin, whose bio-hazard suit transformed into a beekeeper's attire when he crossed into Westview. 

What happened to Monica at the end of Episode 3?

Monica at the end of episode 3 in WandaVision

When Monica uttered Ultron's name in Episode 3, Wanda turned from a perky sitcom character into the dangerous Scarlet Witch in seconds. But then everything snapped back to normal and just moments later we saw Monica falling outside Westview. 

Episode 4 reveals what transpired between the two. Wanda confronted Monica/Geraldine, sure that she didn't belong to her world. Notice how the ratio of the screen changes, hinting that the fake reality and all the other shields put in place by Wanda or someone else dropped when she used her powers to throw Monica out of Westview. It means that for those few minute Wanda remembered everything clearly. 

Vision is really dead

Vision is dead in WandaVision

While this one is a bummer for sure, the chilling way WandaVision confirmed what we already knew is literally the stuff for nightmares. After repairing the destruction Monica's forceful removal caused, Wanda turned to Vision who came inside to inquire where Geraldine went. But when she looked at him, she didn't see his well and alive version but his dead body from Infinity War after Thanos removed the Mind Stone from his head. 

With that horrifying image of Zombie Vision still stuck in our head, we are going to watch the episode once again (and probably skip over the last few minute *shudder* and find out if we missed some subtle hint as to what is really happening beyond the breach. Check out the latest episode of WandaVision streaming only on Disney+.