WandaVision star Paul Bettany recently provided an answer for a NSFW question about Vision's anatomy. Bettany is currently out promoting the upcoming Disney+ series, which will officially debut early next year. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are still trying to crack the code behind the show that utilizes classic sitcoms from throughout the decades to tell its story. As usual, Marvel Studios is keeping all of the important details under wraps, while letting the fans create speculation and hype all on their own.

Paul Bettany appeared on Comedy Central's Stir Crazy and was asked about Vision's anatomy and whether or not MCU fans will see any nudity when WandaVision premieres. "There is no nudity, so to speak... I think people can answer these questions for themselves," said Bettany. The actor then jokingly added, "Vision can change his density, so, there's that." When Bettany was asked what color Vision's anatomy is, Bettany simply replied, "He's purple." The interview between Comedy Central and Bettany started to turn into Stan Lee's cameo in Mallrats, where Jason Lee's Brodie Bruce character quizzes the Marvel Comics legend on various superheroes and their private areas.

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When going further down the rabbit hole of superhero anatomy and jumping to DC Comics, Paul Bettany praised 2009's Watchmen movie. Specifically, the actor praised the portrayal of Dr. Manhattan by Billy Crudup. "It's the size of Manhattan. It's a fantastic example of said and aforementioned penis," says Bettany. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II took on the role of Dr. Manhattan in HBO's hit Watchmen series, which also showed quite a bit of Dr. Manhattan's anatomy.

Paul Bettany recently also teased MCU fans about what they can expect when WandaVision premieres in January. "I think it's going to make you think about the MCU in a whole brand new way," said Bettany. "As each episode unfolds, the audience will be able to peel back layer upon layer until this rather beautiful puzzle box written by Jac Schaeffer and directed by Matt Shakman and shot by [cinematographer] Jess Hall will be revealed to everybody and it will make sense. All of the bonkers stuff will be about something." The actor has teased on more than one occasion that WandaVision will be bonkers, and so far, the promotional material for the series has echoed that sentiment.

WandaVision is a series that continued in the MCU tradition of taking chances and stepping outside of the box, confirms Paul Bettany. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was excited to make the leap to TV with multiple hours to tell a story, as opposed to two or three hours on the big screen, which led to more experimentation. "They did some very clever things, like we shot the first episode in two days, in front of a live studio audience," says Bettany when looking back at making WandaVision. While the series certainly sounds quite different from the big screen MCU projects, it will directly set up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. You can check out the interview with Paul Bettany above, thanks to the Comedy Central YouTube channel.