Paul Rudd is proud of his fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe star Kathryn Hahn for her fantastic performance in the hit Disney+ series WandaVision. When the new series premiered earlier this year, it introduced Hahn as Agatha Harkness, marking her debut in the MCU. The performances was met with widespread critical acclaim and even secured Hahn the win for a Best Villain award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

As she has just gotten involved in the MCU, Agatha hasn't yet shared the screen with Ant-Man, but Hahn and Rudd have still shared the screen on many occasions. The two have worked together six times, which includes movies like Our Idiot Brother, Wanderlust, and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Next, the two will both be featured in main roles in the upcoming Apple TV+ series The Shrink Next Door alongside fellow Anchorman co-star Will Ferrell.

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In the June 2021 issue of Vanity Fair, Rudd opened up his professional relationship with Kathryn Hahn. As the actor regales, Hahn is just as wonderful behind the scenes as she is on camera.

"Kathryn is often not only the best person for the part, but also the best person on the set. Her personality is so joyous. With no attitude. Kathryn goes for it in everything."

Paul Rudd then pointed to WandaVision, noting how he made sure to never miss a single episode of the popular series. Though she's nothing short of a saint off camera, Rudd was impressed by how believable Hahn was as a villain, going so far as to say no one else could have ever pulled off the role in the way she had.

"The temperature in the air changes when she's in the room to a much more comfortable 72 degrees and sunny. Kathryn is such a bright light. Whatever it is you're doing, she's kind of the MVP. [I'm still reeling from] how good she was [on WandaVision]. I mean, my God, who else could do what she did? She does that crazy witch cackle, and you buy it. You know how hard it is to do a crazy witch cackle?"

Hahn's performance wasn't the only high praise received by WandaVision at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Her co-star Elizabeth Olsen also got an award win for Best Performance in a Show due to her role as Wanda Maximoff. The Wanda vs. Agatha fight also earned both Hahn and Olsen another award for Best Fight, and WandaVision took the win for Best Show as well. Hahn's "Agatha All Along" song was nominated for Best Musical Moment and co-star Teyonah Parris was up for Best Hero.

You can catch both Rudd and Hahn in the upcoming series The Shrink Next Door. Written by Georgia Pritchett and directed by Michael Showalter, the series follows a psychiatrist who begins to implant himself into the life of one of his patients. Will Ferrell and Casey Wilson also star. A release date hasn't yet been set, but the series will premiere on Apple TV+ sometime in 2021. This news comes to us from Vanity Fair.