Marvel is pretty tricky when it comes to their Disney+ TV shows, whether it is updating the Falcon and The Winter Soldier title in the last episode to Captain America and The Winter Soldier or putting out teasers that misguide viewers such as Loki. This is also expected in their movies, we all remember that Infinity War trailer which turned out to be utter tosh. However, it looks like Marvel has been playing around with something else recently: the final post credit scene of WandaVision.

As discovered by Reddit user u/ANotCoolGuy, the post-credit scene of the finale of WandaVision has been updated on Disney+, making some small changes for an unknown reason. While there are some theories about why this could have been done, it is fun to believe it could be some kind of trickery linked to Loki' s current multiverse issues. In the grand scheme of things, this is more likely to be linked to the upcoming Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness.

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While there were some people who weren't aware of the scene, after the full credits we were given a glimpse of Wanda Maximoff in her new fully developed Scarlet Witch persona, hidden away from the world in a cabin in the woods. In the new version of the scene, the landscape around the cabin seems to have gained a substantial amount of trees, while there had also been a darkening of color. While this is something that most people wouldn't have noticed, what we need to remember is that this is Marvel where everything is watched, re-watched and then scrutinized one more time for good measure.

In addition to this, in the opening of the scene, off the left of shot there appears to be a strange floating shape coming through the trees towards Wanda's hiding place. Again, doing a side by side comparison of the new version against the original one that aired three months ago, it is clear to see that this has only been added recently. The unanimous verdict on this, is that the shape is either Doctor Strange or some kind of astral projection of him about to visit Wanda. While this may not be the case, it would make sense considering we already know that the two will cross paths in a big way in the good Doctor's new movie. But why would have been added to the scene now?

Well, that could maybe be explained a little better when considering the final change to be made to the scene, which is a change to the credits themselves. There was one thing missing previously, which has now been added to the credits and that is Michael Giacchino being added as the composer of the music heard in the post credit scene. When the scene first aired, it didn't take some fans long to work out that it sounded like a distorted version of Doctor Strange's theme song from his 2016 movie. With this noted, there are many who believe this scene will actually end up appearing in Doctor Strange 2.

This has been done a few times in previous MCU movies, such as the scene of Coulson discovering Mjolnir in the desert in Thor, which was a direct repeat of a previous end credit scene, and similarly with a scene from Ant-Man. Since Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness has now completed filming and is deep into post-production, if this scene is going to reappear then these changes will likely be seen in that movie and the change to WandaVision is Marvel and Disney+ just keeping house and making sure that everything ties up when viewed again further down the line.