A new WandaVision TV spot reveals that the couple are members of the Avengers. Specifically, their nosy neighbor Agnes recognizes that Wanda and Vision are members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. We are now about two weeks away from seeing what Marvel Studios has prepared for beginnings of Phase 4, and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are starting to get pretty excited. It has now been over a year since fans have been treated to new MCU material.

In the latest TV spot promoting the January 15th debut of WandaVision, Agnes recognizes her neighbors to be members of the Avengers. It's just a quick mention, but it comes right before Wanda tells Vision that people are "on the verge of learning" their "secret." From there, the rest of the classic sitcom vibe is there, though we can start to see the fragility of the reality that Wanda has seemingly created for herself. In other words, the new TV spot is going to continue to ask, rather than answer, questions.

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WandaVision co-executive producer Mary Livanos recently said, "The show is complicated because we're incorporating the rules of the [Marvel Cinematic Universe] and narrowing in on suburban family sitcoms." With that being said, the classic TV sitcom element might not be present for all of the episodes. Livanos continues, "not all the episodes are structurally similar." Marvel Studios is known for only teasing a fraction of what will end up being shown on the screen, which means that the sitcom element might not weave through the entire series.

Mary Livanos went on to say, "What's fun about it is that it leads the audience to ask questions about when this takes place, or whether this is a social experiment, and if this is an alternative reality and an unraveling of the mystery. We're excited that the Disney+ platform allows us the creative space to play around." There is certainly room to play around for the cast and crew in WandaVision, but MCU fans are starting to get more curious about how the series will connect to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It has been rumored that Benedict Cumberbatch will have a role on the upcoming series, though that has yet to be officially revealed by the studio.

In addition to the latest WandaVision TV spot, Marvel Studios quietly released new emojis for the series along with a series of character posters. Fans can now share their excitement for the upcoming show with Wanda and Vision emojis, which represent the classic black and white sitcom element that we've seen many times before, along with their "normal" selves. Director Matt Shakman says WandaVision is "a show that is a giant love letter to the history of television," noting that it "is a perfect way for the maker of the biggest blockbusters to come to television." For now, fans will just have to wait a little less than two weeks to see what Shakman is teasing. You can check out the latest TV spot above, thanks to the Disney Channel Twitter account. You can check out the emojis below.

Scarlet Witch Wandavision Poster
Vision WandaVision poster
Agnes Wandavision poster
Monica WandaVision poster