28 Days Later: The LA Times ran an article today announcing that the original, darker ending of 28 Days Later will be attached to the end credits of 1400 prints across the US starting on July 25th:

In an unusual marketing move to pump up the buzz surrounding its horror hit "28 Days Later," Fox Searchlight will attach the film's original, rather downbeat ending to all 1,400 prints now playing in theaters.

Although outtakes, filmmaker narration and alternate endings have become an expected part of DVD movie packages, Fox Searchlight said Wednesday it is aware of no other instance in which alternate scenes were added to a film still in theatrical release.

The ending now in theaters was the film's original scripted ending but was ditched by screenwriter Alex Garland and director Danny Boyle during production in favor of a darker coda. That grim ending was included in the first cut of the film and tested with preview audiences in theaters. But Boyle and his filmmaking team ultimately rejected the scene, set in a hospital, as simply too bleak.