Star Wars: It's the reason you wanted to own movies in the first place. Star Wars, the original trilogy. Remember the magic BEFORE it became a 'specialized edition'. Before the days of subpar digital changes to the classic films. Before the days where a generation of humans experienced GREEDO SHOOTING FIRST!?!?!

Well, last month George Lucas gave a speech for an ILM Tribute here in Southern California. Now, at the speech Lucas stated that the original trilogy would NEVER see a DVD release, leaving the world with old crappy Laserdiscs of the the original trilogy, or the upcoming 'Special Edition DVD' release of film. This is of course very bad news for purists, and fans everywhere who would, in most cases, like to have BOTH version available on DVD.

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In an attempt to change the minds of Lucasfilms reps, and Mr. Lucas himself, THE FANS have started a petition to get the original films on DVD!

The site is extremely popular, as it should be, with tons of people trying to get our precious Star Wars movies on DVD the away they were originally seen. The way we fell in love with them. Don't give up! Visit the site today and sign this petition! Show your enthusiasm for Star Wars movies! GEORGE!!! You better be listening!


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