War of the Worlds:NJ.com have recently revealed some of the filming locations that have been set for the upcoming Steven Spielberg directed remake of War of the Worlds, starring Tom Cruise.

Both Ferry Street in Newark and Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne will see filming take place there, likely in November.

"In Newark, they've been in the Ironbound section, at the area called Five Corners on Ferry Street," Friedman says. 'They've been in there talking to all the store keepers, and they've got quite a lot of money in their budget to compensate them for shutting down during filming. They've even opened up a temporary production office in the Ironbound."

And in Bayonne, the production has secured permission to build a gasoline station on a Little League ball field off Kennedy Boulevard -- and then blow it up.

There is also a private home in Howell that the production has selected as a film location.

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