War of the Worlds: According to WSTM, Steven Spielberg's production of the War of the Worlds remake moved to Athens today...

Filming of the Steven Spielberg movie "War of the Worlds" begins today in the Greene County village of Athens.

The movie, which stars Tom Cruise, is scheduled for release next summer and is based on the H-G Wells novel about an invasion from outer space.

The scene to be shot in Athens will feature crowds fleeing a Martian invasion and will include a 168-foot car ferry. Athens was chosen because of its riverfront location.

The word around town is that Spielberg himself will direct the scene, but the film crew aren't confirming anything.

Last Friday, Cruise and Spielberg were on set in Naugatuck, Connecticut filming some scenes for the movie. They flew in by helicopter and landed in a secluded parking lot behind a chemical plant.