War of the Worlds:Cinescape recently received word from one of their inside sources that we could see the trailer for the upcoming remake of War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Tom Cruise, as early as next month...

"One of our friends in the business has given word to expect a teaser trailer for THE WAR OF THE WORLDS next month. According to our friend on the inside, getting a trailer out for the science fiction/action film is a priority for Cruise/Wagner, the production company that WAR star Tom Cruise owns with partner Paula Wagner. Reportedly C/W is so eager to begin public awareness of the film that they were willing to spend their own cash and shoot on their own. Director Steven Spielberg has set an ambitious shooting and post-production schedule for his crew in order to meet WAR's June 29, 2005 release date.

We've now been told that Paramount Pictures, the movie studio behind WAR, has struck a tenative agreement with Warner Bros. to debut the teaser trailer for THE WAR OF THE WORLDS with some prints of OCEAN'S 12 instead of BLADE: TRINITY on December 10. The WAR trailer will likely roll out the following weekend on prints of LEMONY SNICKET and THE AVIATOR, with the trailer more likely to play in front of the former film because they are both Paramount releases.

As of yet we haven't heard what imagery will be contained in the WAR OF THE WORLDS trailer or if the trailer will incorporate any of the material Spielberg has filmed already."