While this year's summer movie season is just getting started, many are already looking forward to one of the biggest movies next summer has to offer, director Duncan Jones' Warcraft. While it remains to be seen when fans will get to see the first trailer, the filmmaker recently shed some light on the production process and much more. Given the massive fan base for the Warcraft video game, many wouldn't be surprised if a sequel is announced after the adaptation hits theaters, although nothing is set in stone yet. When asked about the prospect of directing another Warcraft movie, Duncan Jones had this to say.

"If I have the good fortune to work with the same group of people, I'd love to."
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Duncan Jones co-wrote the screenplay adaptation alongside Charles Leavitt (Seventh Son), but it isn't known if they have even been asked to start work on a sequel. The video game adaptation centers on the first time the humans and orcs ever met, with the orcs being portrayed through motion capture techniques. While there is plenty of visual effects work in the film, the director said he wanted to keep it as real as possible.

"Motion capture has become very specialized but also still just a tool of filmmaking. We tried to do a lot of large, in-camera sets so that we had an actual reality that the film was built on top of. Some of the time we had [actors doing motion capture] on location, some of the time we had them on set, sometimes there was green screen."

The director also revealed that Hulk's motion capture work in Marvel's The Avengers served as an inspiration for the orcs. Coincidentally, ILM's Jeff White and Jason Smith designed the orcs, with Jeff White previously working on the Hulk design on Marvel's The Avengers. Duncan Jones revealed that his orcs were inspired by Hulk's motion capture work.

"He absolutely nailed that character, and orcs feel like they may have some of the same genetic background as the Hulk. When we found out that Jeff himself was actually an avid Warcraft player as well, it became clear how excited he was about playing in this universe. It was a match made in heaven."

The Warcraft video games have a massive fan base, but the director admitted that one of his biggest challenges will be getting people into the theater, who aren't exactly familiar with the games.

"We've delivered as far as the film goes, but the challenge is going to be to get people into the seats in the cinemas in the first place. To find a way to convince people who haven't played Warcraft."

Would you like to see Duncan Jones come back for a Warcraft sequel? We still have more than a year until Warcraft hits theaters next June, so perhaps we'll hear more about the follow-up as we get closer to the release. Stay tuned for the first Warcraft trailer along with more updates on this highly-anticipated video game adaptation.