Earlier today, Warcraft was part of Legendary Pictures' Hall H panel, alongside Crimson Peak and Krampus. Fans got their first look at Warcraft footage, with an extended sizzle reel that showed off approximately six minutes of footage, but, unfortunately, the studio isn't releasing it to the public quite yet. Since it wasn't an actual trailer, many fans have been wondering when everyone will get to see the first footage. Thankfully, director Duncan Jones revealed on his Twitter page that the first trailer will debut in November. Here's what he had to say below.

"Blood was spilt for this... 'Today has all been about SDCC. Now I want to let you know the trailer will finally release to ALL in November'"
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The footage that was shown featured the human members of the Alliance and the nasty Orcs of the Horde, and the visual effects for these creatures has been getting high marks of praise from those in the Hall H crowd. The Warcraft footage also sets up the story, revealing that the Horde is running out of resources on their planet, when they are shown a portal being opened by a wizard, which introduces them to the humans of the Alliance for the first time. Several of the characters were shown, including Dominic Cooper's King Llane, but the footage seemingly focused on Toby Kebbell's Durotan, who was revealed in new Warcraft posters released earlier today. His wife is pregnant with a baby in the human world. which appears to be a main focal point to the story.

As for the trailer's November release, Legendary isn't releasing any movies that month, but it's partner Universal Pictures is releasing By the Sea on November 13, so that could be a possibility. Are you upset that you have to wait until November for the Warcraft trailer? Let us know what you think.