The WarGames remake, based on the 1983 thriller directed by John Badham and starring Matthew Broderick, has locked in director Dean Israelite and writer Arash Amel.

The original story revolved around two teenage hackers who find a back door into the Defense Department's computer. They begin a game with the machine that could lead the U.S. to a nuclear world war.

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Dean Israelite recently made his directorial debut with the upcoming Project Almanac, a found footage time travel thriller that follows a group of high schoolers trying to fix their lives. Things, of course, go bad when the space-time continuum is disturbed.

Arash Amel most recently wrote Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman, which will be released by The Weinstein Company sometime later this year.

MGM has long tried to get the WarGames remake moving along. Seth Gordon was previously attached to direct. It is not known how this new film will deviate from the original storyline, or how it will be updated for modern audiences.