Production Weekly reports that production has bee scheduled to begin this summer on a sequel to the 1983 Matthew Broderick film, WarGames.

Rob Kerchner has penned the next version entitled, "WarGames 2: The Dead Key," which will begin filming in Europe in July.

On a class trip to Europe Cory Carpenter, a teenage computer whiz, goes on the lam from the authorities, who have mistakenly pegged him as a cyber terrorist. While the technological infrastructure of the entire civilized world is apparently melting down, Cory, his beautiful classmate Anne Deville, and his nerdy best buddy Dale Darrow, manage to stay one step ahead of the authorities. However, Cory is later horrified to learn that his long time internet pal, Jay Forrell, is actually a government computer that has run amok and is about to hail nuclear disaster down on an unsuspecting planet.