Warm Bodies is adapted from the best selling Young Adult novel by Isaac Marion, which spoofs the Twilight franchise. The story follows a young zombie who falls in love, and this romance brings his decaying flesh back to life. Summit Entertainment has released five more 'quote' posters, featuring stars Teresa Palmer, Nicholas Hoult, and Rob Corddry. As this YA thriller is aimed at teens, they might not know that most theatrical one-sheets were folded prior to the mid-80s, hence the faux creases present on all the recent marketing materials for this particular title. This sort of retro throwback works when publicizing an R rated Grindhouse flick aimed at an older audience who gets the reference. But its not really necessary for something aimed at the YA crowd. These fake folds make it look like there is an actual defect in the images, and they don't really help sell the product. What do you think?

Warm Bodies Poster 4
Warm Bodies Poster 1
Warm Bodies Poster 2
Warm Bodies Poster 3
Warm Bodies Poster 5