Warner Bros. continues to push both formats in the war for the next generation technology winner.

In a story from Yahoo! News, continuing in their mission to provide consumers with the broadest choices for next generation home viewing, Warner Home Video will debut Blu-ray high definition versions of Lethal Weapon, Firewall, Blazing Saddles and Full Metal Jacket. On September 12 four more HD DVD titles will be released: Troy, Lethal Weapon 2, House of Wax and Space Cowboys. All titles will be available for $28.99 SRP, except Firewall, which will be available for $34.99 SRP.

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Troy will make its HD DVD debut with In-Movie Experience (IME), the new interactive feature allowing viewers to enjoy new ways of accessing interviews and other material -- while the movie is running. Troy's IME has director Wolfgang Petersen and his creative team leading the viewer on an audio-visual tour of their epic recreations of Greece and Troy.

"Based on the reaction from consumers and writers alike, it's safe to say that everyone agrees that these exceptional new technologies afford viewers the best home theater there is," said Stephen Nickerson, WHV's Senior Vice President, Market Management. "The picture from true 1080p high definition provides a sharpness, a clarity and texture, superb shadow detail, great flesh tones and deep blacks -- all of which far exceed any previous visual experience. Finally, the outstanding dynamic range of sound provides a level of authenticity that brings new life to the audio experience in home."

According to The Digital Bits, Warner Bros has some big TV on DVD plans in the new high-definition format. These include Invasion: The Complete Series, Smallville: The Complete Fifth Season and The West Wing: The Complete Seventh Season. Sadly, there are no release dates as of yet for these sets.