Daniel Robert Epstein of SuicideGirls.com caught up with actor David Carradine, who briefly spoke about how Warner Bros. may be planning on developing a big screen update of the classic 1970's televeision series Kung Fu:

I know there's talk at Warner Bros about doing a feature version of Kung Fu and they're talking about going back and telling the original pilot movie story over again with a young actor. It would have to be a young actor because he's studying up at the monastery. He starts out as child and a teenager. Im 70 years old so I couldn't play that part. But I think they're making a mistake because it'll be like Wild Wild West. For the movie they recast it and unless you are a geek TV fan, no one remembers who originally played the parts. But Kung Fu is a little bit different. I cant imagine how they can expect to get a huge audience with somebody else playing Kwai Chang Caine because I'm entirely too identified with it. I ought to know because I have to live with it. But the sensible thing that they should do is a sequel where we see what the hell happened to this guy. What's he like in 1906? Years ago I got tired of trying to convince Warner Bros of my opinions about things. I got other things to do. If they want me involved in any of these projects I would certainly think about it. But Ive got so much on my plate, I don't need it and I am getting tired of talking about it.

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