After a brutal multi-studio bidding war, it was Warner Bros. that walked away with the rights to Ally Carter's young adult thriller novel Hiest Society. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Denise Di Novi and Allison Greenspan are set to produce the project through Di Novi pictures, with Shauna Cross attached to adapt the book into a screenplay.

The film is being described as The Thomas Crown Affair for teens. The story follows Katarina Bishop, a young woman that hails from a long line of cat burglars and master thieves. After attempting to leave her crime life behind, her dad becomes the prime suspect behind a mobster's missing art collection. Thus Katarina is forced back to her thieving lifestyle as she must assemble a crew to track down the art and get her father back. While the characters found in the novel are all in their teens, the studio is going to cast them in their early twenties.

Carter's book is set to hit stores next week. The film is gearing up for a 2011 release date.