Today MovieWeb attended the Warner Bros. Home Video Sneak Peak in which the studio announced their upcoming titles for 2006. Here is a select listing of what DVD buyers can expect from the WB in the coming year.

Newly cleaned up versions of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange and the new, never before seen version of Eyes Wide Shut. Apparently, we will now get to see some of the more racier scenes that the old Warner Bros. regime deemed inappropriate for American eyes. As well, we were informed that the Kubrick estate has granted access to much of the behind-the-scenes footage Kubrick kept for himself from these films. WB is doing what they can to get everything they can packed into the Standard and High Definition releases these film's will see on DVD this year.

John Ford’s western opus The Searchers is also going to be given "the treatment" on DVD. It will contain new packaging, press books, a comic book of the film and a soundtrack amongst other bonus materials.

The original King Kong is going to be released as a single disc, movie only version of the film unlike the one that was released in November of 2005.

Also, with the Blade Runner 25th Anniversary happening in 2007, the studio hopes to “hit that” with a supped up DVD in which Ridley Scott is apparently involved. However, that DVD would not be a reality until 2007.

This year Warner Bros. will be debuting 24 HD titles though they didn’t say what those titles would be. These titles should start appearing on DVD shelves “around April 1st.” Many of the titles we've mentioned above will have the same day-to-date release dates on HD as well as Standard Def.

Lastly, in order to accommodate retail concerns over depleting shelf space, all of the collections are going to have “slimmer” individual cases for the movies that make them up.