We reported yesterday that Warner Bros. has announced a wide variety of new DVD releases to celebrate the studio's 85th anniversary. According to The Digital Bits, there is much more in store for this big year.

The site was in on a conference call with Warner senior VP of classic catalog George Feltenstein, and he revealed that the announcement was "just the tip of the iceberg." The studio didn't want to give away their entire slate for the year and Feltenstein also said there will be "dozens and dozens" of new releases that have never been on DVD before, including titles from other properties it owns like MGM, RKO, Allied Artists and more.

It was also said that Warner plans to have every new catalog special edition they release to have a day-and-date Blu-Ray release as well. The studio would like to achieve this by mid-to-late summer. The studio doesn't want the customer to have to wait for something to come out on Blu-Ray after the initial standard catalog release. The downside to that is that some of the 1080i transfers don't cut the mustard, and some films will have to undergo brand new 1080p transfers, which could take up to four or five years in some instances.

Some of the specific titles you can expect on Blu-Ray in the near future are classics like Gigi, An American in Paris, Mutiny on the Bounty, Casablanca, Clash of the Titans, Heat and, coming to Blu-Ray in 2009 for its 50th anniversary, Ben-Hur