In a story from Variety, it looks like Warner Bros. has bought the rights to a seven-part story that ran in the Los Angeles Times. Titled Tales From the Gangster Squad, Dan Lin is set to produce the film.

The story takes place in 1946, when in "a chaotic and corrupt Los Angeles, gangsters brazenly engaged in shootouts and drive-by shootings. At the time, the LAPD formed what was dubbed the Gangster Squad to keep East Coast Mafia out of the city. The squad's anything goes approach lasted through the 1950s."

The series of stories were written by Paul Lieberman. The writer started penning the series in 1992. There were more than 100 interviews conducted for the seven-part series. It examines two police officers who were intent on taking down gangster Mickey Cohen.

Warner Bros. and Producer Lin are currently looking for screenwriters.