/shazam-wonder-woman-and-a-flash-green-lantern-team-up-movie-coming-soon/Yesterday, Nikki Finke reportedly leaked Warner Bros. planned slate of DC Comics movies from 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to 2018's Man of Steel 2, with 7 movies in all, including Shazam! (2016), Sandman (2016), Justice League (2017), Wonder Woman (2017) and the intriguing sounding The Flash and Green Lantern team-up movie. Today, Time Warner held its annual shareholders meeting, where Warner Bros. Chief Executive Kevin Tsujihara and DC Comics President Diane Nelson were tasked with big questions about their impending superhero slate.

The pair refused to comment on the recent leak, and would not confirm any of the above titles. Neither party said much about their impending plans, with the biggest news being that Warner Bros. is actively working to create movies and TV shows specifically for young girls.

When asked why the studio wasn't doing more to develop DC Comics' wide catalogue of female characters into feature films, Diane Nelson responded by saying that a major priority is creating properties that will appeal to young girls. She wouldn't reveal if she was specifically talking about the rumored stand-alone Wonder Woman movie. But she hinted that spin-offs will help launch more female characters.

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"At DC Entertainment we talk frequently about how we heighten the presence of female storytellers and creators with our comic books, digital and physical. How do we bring the female characters to light more? [More female characters are coming in both TV and film] built with the potential to be spun off. It's something we're very conscious of. We have more work to do. But I think if we talk again in a couple of years, you'll be pleased with the results."

Gal Gadot will be the first woman to ever portray Wonder Woman on the big screen, making her debut appearance in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Out of all the TV series DC Comics currently has in the works, only IZombie centers on a female lead. It's not clear which other upcoming movies or TV series will serve to launch a female-centric property of its own. Gotham, which received a great reaction when clips were shown during the meeting, has a lot of strong female characters including Fish Mooney, a gangster played by Jada Pinkett Smith and Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman).

Another shareholder questioned DC Comics and Warner Bros.' overall strategy when it comes to their comic book titles, pointing out that they are clearly lagging behind Marvel in this area. Kevin Tsujihara was quick to admit that DC Comics has not done as well as he would like. He claims there are wonderful opportunity there and promised the shareholders that they will be "happy and proud" down the road.

Diane Nelson claims her company is not trying to follow in Marvel's footsteps. After praising Marvel for what they've already done, she revealed her plans to groom new franchises on a character-by-character and property-by-property approach.

"We're doing it differently. For us it's about the right story, the right character and the right creative talent."

Are you excited about the prospect of more female-centric DC Comics movies and TV shows down the road?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange