As we reported, it was uncertain how Warner Bros. was going to pursue the marketing for The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins. The viral marketing campaign, to date, had largely been focused around Heath Ledger's Joker character, leaving the future of the campaign uncertain.

While we still don't have any answers about the overall campaign, Warner Bros. has seen fit to memorialize Heath Ledger on at least a few of the web sites being used to promote the film. On the films official site,, the bulk of the site has been taken down, and replaced with a white-background page that includes a picture of Heath Ledger as well as the following words:

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We mourn the loss of a remarkable talent gone too soon... and the passing of an extraordinary man who will be greatly missed.

Meanwhile, on the chief site for the viral marketing campaign,, a black ribbon has been left on top of the message from the Joker created out of magazine cut-outs.

Movie Picture

So far, there have been no noticeable alterations to the other marketing sites associated with the The Dark Knight.