According to The Hollywood Reporter, Watchmen, the seminal DC Comics limited series created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, has found a home at Warner Bros. Pictures. The project has landed at the studio with original producers Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin -- but not with screenwriter David Hayter and director Paul Greengrass, who were with the project when it was let go from Paramount in June. The development of the movie has turned out to be almost as epic as the story the comic tells.

Hollywood had for years been trying to bring the 1986 comic book series to the big screen. Joel Silver brought the project, which remains the only wholly owned DC Comics property to have ever left the fold, to Larry Gordon when the latter was based at Fox, where Terry Gilliam was developing a Sam Hamm-penned script back in 1989. Watchmen first landed at a studio in 2001, when it was set up at Universal with Hayter on board to adapt and Gordon, who holds the rights, producing.

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