The Los Angeles Times spoke with Alan Horn, the President of Warner Bros. about the less-than-expected performance of Superman Returns as well as other WB movies this year:

Horn declined to divulge figures, but a person familiar with the studio's internal projections said Warner's cut of the Superman Returns profit was expected to be $50 million to $60 million. The film cost $209 million to produce and more than $100 million to market worldwide.

Horn expects Superman Returns to eventually gross about $400 million worldwide, more than last year's hit Batman Begins. Nonetheless, Superman fell at least $100 million short of his expectations.

"I thought it was a very successful movie, but I think it should have done $500 million worldwide," Horn said. "We should have had perhaps a little more action to satisfy the young male crowd."

Still, he's betting Warner has firmly reestablished the Superman franchise and is planning another installment for summer 2009.

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