It looks like Warner Bros. just may have to choose a side after all.

Since Warner is the only studio who hasn't chosen a side in the HD DVD/Blu-Ray format war, it could end up throwing a monkey wrench into their plans for consolidation, dubbed Total HD. The studio had revealed in January their plans for Total HD, a disc that would support both next-generation formats, with HD DVD content on one side, and Blu-Ray content on the other side. They originally wanted to market Total HD for a September release, but that was later pushed to early 2008. Now, with Paramount switching exclusively to HD DVD, and every other studio in one camp or another, it seems like it's on the back burner.

"It would be tough to proceed, since we are the last man standing in both formats," said Ron Sanders, president of Warner Home Video. "This only makes sense for studios supporting both formats, and since Paramount went the other way and retail didn't push the issue, one studio isn't enough for us to pull the trigger." Sanders went on to say that Total HD was "on hold."