Technical issues might hinder Warner Bros. planned March 28th release of it's first HD DVD titles.

Recently, Home Media Retailing reported that the only studio to give a solid release date might have to scale back their plans a bit.

"To be honest, the outlook is tenuous - we're still coming out with an initial slate, but we may be a week or two later; we just don't know," said Ron Sanders division president.

Companies like Wal-Mart recently canceled orders they had been taking for HD DVD titles. Apparently, the retailer "had published prices, and we haven't set prices," Sanders stated.

Best Buy also pulled offering HD DVD movies from it's "weekly circular."

Despite what some people in the industry are calling "low sales expectations," Toshiba is currently touring the country showing off their new HD DVD players, and appears to be the only company that will have such product available by it's end of the month release date.