After many starts and stops, the thrilling remake of Logan's Run is back in production over at Warner Bros.. According to The Hollywood Reporter commercial director Joseph Kosinski will make his directorial debut on the reimagined sci-fi classic.

Written by Tim Sexton and Produced by Joel Silver, the film is based on the 1967 William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson novel. The plot revolves around a future society that demands the death of every human once they reach a certain age. Anyone who tries to escape their fate is dubbed a runner, and is thus hunted down by operatives known as Sandmen. Logan is a former Sandman who is forced to go on the run.

Details about the new version of this old classic are being kept under lock and key. It is known that the film will be closer to the book than the original cinematic endeavor. The new film will tackle the idea of the "greater good" and people devoting themselves to an ideology blindly, while keeping the novel's concepts of runners, Sanctuary and gangs outside the system.