In Hollywood if at first you do succeed, try, try, and continue to try again!

In a story from Variety, after experiencing success with their Raw Feed label (distributed by Warner Bros.), "X-Files exec producer John Shiban, 24 exec producer Tony Krantz and The Blair Witch Project co-creator Daniel Myrick are teaming for" another batch of movies.

The current titles in the pipeline are Alice's Apartment, Supermarket and Otis. The films will have "elements of sci-fi, horror and thriller genres, Alice's Apartment is described as more of a thriller, Supermarket leans toward sci-fi and Otis has strong horror elements."

The way things are looking, it seems that these "three are overseeing the projects in what is an unusual model that brings creative heavyweights together to work collaboratively on a set of projects." They are currently putting together a writing staff and there's even talk that Shiban might "direct his movie; Myrick and Krantz likely will not" helm theirs.

This label was initially launched with these three producing Rest Stop, Sublime and Believers.

According top Warner Bros., Rest Stop is the top selling, original, direct-to-video title in their history. There is even talk of a Rest Stop 2 which might come out in theaters.

The goal for Raw Feed "is to eventually release about four movies per year."