This year marks the 85th Anniversary of the Warner Brothers Studio, and they certainly have big plans for this year-long event. The studio has announced a bevy of new special editions of some of their classic films to be released throughout the year, and, headlining this celebration will be the new documentary, You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story, which will recount the vast history behind this legendary studio.

This documentary was written, produced and directed by Richard Schickel, and was narrated by Clint Eastwood. The film was produced in partnership with the PBS program, American Masters, and the film will be broadcast as a three-part special in September 2008. The DVD release will follow later in the month, and will also coincide with a 550-page companion book written by Schickel and George Perry, with an introduction by Eastwood.

The studio has also announced plans to restore more than 50 classic films and bring them to DVD for the first time. They will also roll out several of its more modern classics in new special editions, with each quarter of the year having its own theme. The first quarter is devoted to the Oscars and Warner Gangsters. Special editions this quarter include Goodfellas,

Heat, Bonnie and Clyde and other assorted collections. The second quarter will feature three new sets from Frank Sinatra along with the new Dirty Harry: Ultimate Collectors Edition.

The third quarter will revolve around Superheroes, Musicals and Westerns, with new editions of How the West Was Won, along with a collection of Errol Flynn Westerns and a Classic Westerns Collection. Also to be released this quarter is the new Batman Anthology and a collectors edition of Batman Begins along with a collection of musicals.

The fourth quarter will be devoted to the horror and holiday genres, with a new special edition of A Christmas Story, along with a Warner Bros. Holiday Collection and a new Classic DVD Horror Collection, featuring the likes of Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre and more.