Doom:0,4364,1398598,00|Computer recently received some new bits about Warner Bros.' commitment to the big screen adaptation of video game blockbuster, Doom:

They just got a revised draft of the script and it's looking really good. According to his agent, it's the hottest property in Hollywood (but don't all agents say that?). Yes, Todd seems very happy about it, "Our deal is actually putting time pressure on Warner Brothers to not sit and wait on the movie." Previous aborted attempts with both Columbia and Universal resulted in them just sitting on the rights. Getting savvier to Hollywood business, id signed a progress-to-completion deal. Meaning: they are taking no money up front, but putting WB under strict deadlines. According to the agent, this means, "You're not paying us, but you're paying someone to meet these deadlines. If you don't get a script by this date, get green lit by this one, if you don't start filming by a certain time, then the rights immediately come back to us."

Warner Brothers is taking DOOM very seriously, even putting it on a fast track. John Wells (known for producing ER) and Lorenzo Bonaventura (brought The Matrix, among others, to Warner Brothers) are working to get the movie made.

"I think DOOM 3 is a great property...and so do [Wells and Bonaventura]. So we're focused on a strong script and from there build the momentum to attract the right director and actors."

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