Okay, this movie might not be getting the release that it deserves but its fan's will certainly care...

In a story from Moviehole, it looks like a sequel to 1988's Beetlejuice will be coming straight to DVD via Warner Bros. new Direct-To-DVD division, Warner Premiere.

Tim Burton will be getting an Executive Producer credit on the Beetlejuice sequel, but he doesn't appear to be involved in the making of this film. Sadly, neither does Michael Keaton.

Apparently Warner Bros. other films like Training Day, The Lost Boys and even Under Siege are seeing themselves revived via Warner Premiere.

"Consumers today have more ways than ever to access content, which naturally increases the need for all forms of programming, especially in the DVD originals arena," states Kevin Tsujihara, President, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group. "With Warner Premiere, we're creating an additional stream of new, high-quality, 'fan-ready' DVDs that will be supported by top-notch marketing to help them standout in the increasingly crowded marketplace."

"This is very exciting for us, as well as the next logical step in the evolution of digital entertainment for a company our size," offered Jeff Robinov the President of Production for Warner Bros. Pictures. "While the films and shorts produced by Warner Premiere will be produced under a new business model, they will have no creative constraints on them and should not be thought of as low-budget or second-rate in any way. We're creating projects with a very specific mindset, geared to a specific distribution platform, while at the same time trying new creative approaches, telling different stories, working with new talent and responding quickly to consumer feedback and demand."

"My goal with Warner Premiere is to continue the Studio's mandate of being a destination for both established and upcoming talent," says Warner Premiere President, Diane Nelson. "Warner Premiere can provide creative opportunities-from exploring and developing back stories and lesser characters in existing properties to creating original titles that work better in the new media-for writers, producers, directors and talent that may not available to them within the established studio system."

It is Warner Premiere's goal to "produce up to 15 titles a year." They recently put out The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning and in 2007 they also plan to release Return to House on Haunted Hill, Twisted Fortune and A Dennis the Menace Christmas.