Warner Bros. is looking to the futre in home entertainment, and they believe that future lies within video on-demand. According to Home Media Magazine, WB will begin releasing all of their movies on DVD and VOD simultaneously.

Warner Bros. CEO Jeff Bewkes made the announcement on Wednesday, stating Time Warner Cable had been testing VOD along with other studios and cable companies in Denver and Pittsburgh. He said the margins for VOD were greater than DVD rental margins in those markets.

"That should have positive margin implications that will boost consumption, too," Bewkes said. "It will take time, but we are using our position in the industry to lead this transition."

Bewkes said this new initiative would help WB establish an early foothold in this new market.

"Based on our history in pioneering DVD sellthrough, we think moving first will also enable us to capture disproportionate VOD share on this move," Bewkes said.

It is unclear, though, when the first day-and-date DVD/VOD movie will be released through Warner.