Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group today launched DVD2Blu.com, a site that allows consumers to upgrade the movies they already own on DVD to Blu-Ray Disc, the absolute best way to watch movies at home. Consumers can select from over 50 of Warner Home Video's most sought-after titles to upgrade including Body of Lies, A Christmas Story and Michael Clayton.

"DVD2Blu is a great way for consumers to start or expand their Blu-ray Disc collection," said Dorinda Marticorena, senior vice president, Worldwide Marketing and High Definition, Warner Home Video. "We're launching the program with a wide range of titles that will appeal to a broad audience. In the coming months, we're looking to expand the program and make additional titles available."

The DVD2Blu program debuts at a time when consumers are rapidly adopting Blu-ray Disc. According to figures compiled by the Digital Entertainment Group through the first three quarters of 2009, Blu-ray Disc set-top player sales grew 112 percent over the same period last year. This holiday season, consumers can expect to see Blu-ray player prices starting around $100, making it much easier for home audiences to see films the way they were meant to be seen on their HDTV.

Through DVD2Blu, consumers can now experience their favorite movies again for the very first time in stunning 1080p picture quality and crisp, superior sound that only comes from a Blu-ray Disc. Titles such as Training Day, Deliverance and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation can be upgraded for as little as $7.95 plus shipping. Consumers who place orders over $25 will receive free shipping.

The process to upgrade is simple. Consumers select the titles they want to upgrade on DVD2Blu.com, mail in their standard DVDs with pre-paid postage and a short time later receive copies of the same film on Blu-ray Disc. For a complete list of titles visit DVD2Blu.com.