Warner Home Video is back in the horror game.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is creating more scary flicks under their Raw Feed shingle. The movies are made "back to back" with budgets of $5 million.

The newest offerings from Raw Feed will be Otis, Supermarket and Rest Stop 2

The principals behind Raw Feed are 24 producer Tony Krantz, The X Files producer John Shiban and Daniel Myrick who co-directed The Blair Witch Project.

So far Raw Feed has proven very profitable for Warner Bros. The first two releases "doubled Warner's expectations, having shipped more than 1 million units combined; they are expected to become profitable when ancillary coin is added into the mix."

"Our object from day one has been profitability over a reasonable period of time," states Warner Home Video senior VP and general manager for catalog, Jeff Baker. "We're on the way, which is why we decided to acquire more."

Lastly, the new set of Raw Feed titles is coming together even quicker than the first.

Otis features more "name" actors than the other the Raw Feed movies (it stars Daniel Stern and Illeana Douglas) and the company is still deciding "if they will follow suit on Supermarket and Rest Stop 2.