We have two brand new clips from the upcoming Californication episode, entitled, La Ronde, which airs on Sunday, November 23 at 10 PM ET on Showtime. Click below for two new clips from this upcoming episode.

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Hank meets Janie Jones for a date at a Venice art gallery, where they bump into a very pregnant Sonja and Julian. After a quick escape, Janie invites Hank back to her place, but he declines. Karen goes on an impromptu date, of sorts, with Lew Ashby. She returns home to find Hank waiting with the big news that he did not sleep with another woman. And, after a congratulatory roll in the sack, Karen finds a disturbing lump on Hank's groin. Meanwhile, with Marcy in rehab, Charlie is left to hold down the fort at her waxing salon. And he and Daisy bond over Dirty Dancing.