Extras is coming to an end on December 16 with an 80-minute series finale on HBO. To close out the series with a bang, we're posting three interview clips with series creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, who have also created The Office. Click below to check out these interviews.

Extras: The Extra Special Series closes out the hilarious series with Andy Millman the 40-something-year-old actor who is finally able to claim the fame and money he has worked so hard for. But now, after three numbing seasons of the popular British sitcom When the Whistle Blows, Andy is fed up with low brow anecdotes. Between over used catch phrases, oversized sunglasses and horrible sales for his look-a-like doll, Andy is eager to break free from his TV stereotype. Striving to gain respect, he is ready to make certain changes that will turn his life upside down. However, due to his star status Andy can't even take a stroll in the park to clear his head without some reference to high profile persona.

Sprinkled with guest appearances by actor Clive Owen, pop singer George Michael, chef Gordon Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen), TV critic/presenter Jonathan Ross, actor David Tennant and others, Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale will definitely close out the year with tons of laughs!