Lionsgate has provided with an exclusive first look clip from their upcoming thriller, Hard Candy, starring Patrick Wilson, Ellen Page, Sandra Oh and Jennifer Holmes.

CLICK HERE to watch our exclusive clip, "Ride Home."

Hard Candy: Ride Home
<strong><em>Hard Candy</em></strong>: Ride Home
<strong><em>Hard Candy</em></strong>: Ride Home
<strong><em>Hard Candy</em></strong>: Ride Home

Hayley's a smart, charming teenage girl -- but even smart girls make mistakes.

She's hooking up in a coffee shop with Jeff, a guy she's met on the Internet. And even though he's a cute, smooth high-end fashion photographer in his early 30s, Hayley shouldn't be suggesting that the two of them go back to his house-alone.

When they get there, Hayley quickly finds some vodka and starts mixing screwdrivers. She even suggests a photo shoot and strips off some clothing. Everything is going well for Jeff... until his vision blurs and fades, and he passes out.

It turns out Hayley has spiked Jeff's screwdriver, and when he revives, he's tied down with Hayley searching through his place. She doesn't think it'll take too long to get a confession that she's not the first teenage girl Jeff's brought home and, more importantly, that her prisoner knows what happened to Donna Mauer, another girl who disappeared from Jeff's favorite coffee shop. And if he's unwilling to confess, well, she has another plan --

She uses an icepack as a homemade anesthetic...

She starts shaving an incision site...

She's learned a lot from the internet -- including this little surgical procedure she's dying to try...

Evan Jacobs at Movieweb
Evan Jacobs