Breck Eisner's The Crazies is set to terrify audiences all over again this summer when it debuts on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday, June 29th. As part of the special features, Anchor Bay is including two of the motion comic episodes created in conjunction with the film. In anticipation of this upcoming release, we have four more of the motion comics for you to watch right here. Simply click on the video clips below:

The Crazies - Motion Comic: Episode 1.01: "Hopman Bog"

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When a military pilot loses control of his plane and careens into a local bog, he discovers something, or someone, hitched along for the ride.

The Crazies - Motion Comic: Episode 1.02: "Dwyer Creek"

Meet Bill Farnum, mild mannered husband and father. That is until the Crazies get him.

The Crazies - Motion Comic: Episode 1.03: "Black Pond"

Local mortician, Charlie Finley, is having a bad day.

The Crazies - Motion Comic: Episode 1.04: "Ogden Marsh"

A small town in Iowa becomes "Ground Zero" for a cavalcade of Crazies.