If you love 24 than get ready to have that love supersized!

Degree Men recently announced an extensive relationship with Fox Broadcasting Company's award-winning television series, 24, that includes television advertising, original online content, as well as deep retail cross-promotions. Throughout the year-long campaign, Degree Men will power exclusive 24-themed content that provides viewers with an insider's perspective of the celebrated show.

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In conjunction with the launch of season six of 24 on January 14, 2007, America was introduced to The Rookie, a series of short online films that follow the adventures of the newest member of CTU. The rookie is Jason Blaine, a character who stars in two different storylines, Coffee Run and Get This To ... that will premiere in their entirety exclusively at www.CTUrookie.com. Additionally, each short film will be turned into a series of episodic national television commercials that end with a "24-esque" cliffhanger.

The short films, along with the series of national commercials, were created and produced by MindShare Entertainment and Science + Fiction.

Watch a behind-the-scenes clip of segment below!

The 24 Connection

To replicate the 24 look and feel and make The Rookie as authentic to the show as possible, the producers collaborated with many key people who work on 24.

The Rookie was shot on the CTU set and directed by Rodney Charters, who has directed 24 episodes and is its director of photography. In addition, the stunt coordinator, key camera operator and the explosive and weapons experts from 24 all worked on the production of these short films.

The post-production process included the editor and graphic artists for 24. Key producers for the show, as well as 20th Century FOX Television (the studio behind 24) collaborated with the production team of The Rookie to ensure the experience is as authentically 24 as possible.

Go Ahead and Risk Watching It

Two different Rookie storylines will be featured on-line in high-definition at www.CTUrookie.com during the course of the 24 season. Each short film will be released in succession - make sure you don't miss any of the action.

Coffee Run Short Film Schedule

- Chapter 1: Available Now

- Chapter 2: Available January 29, 2007

- Chapter 3: Available February 12, 2007 (TBD)

Get This To ... Short Film Short Film

The first chapter of "Get This To ..." will be available sometime in early March. Please note that dates are subject to change.

Visitors can also register for e-mail reminders of chapter releases online at www.CTUrookie.com.

Day Zero

At the conclusion of season six, Degree Men will present Day Zero, an animated prequel to 24 that will delve into the events that took place before the series began. Day Zero will be produced by Icebox, a digital content studio specializing in animation, and will be available exclusively online beginning in May 2007.

For more information, visit www.CTUrookie.com. The site provides access to exclusive content, including high-definition versions of The Rookie and other CTU rookie interactive experiences.

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