The hit comedy series Episodes returns to the Showtime lineup for Season 2 Sunday, July 1 at 10:30 PM ET. The network has provided us with the full Season 2 Premiere episode, weeks before its official debut. Matt LeBlanc returns, playing a version of himself, as he prepares for his big comeback with the series, Pucks. However, like most things in Hollywood, not everything goes according to plan. Take a look at the Season 2 Premiere of Episodes.

Episodes Season 2

Who needs friends? Matt LeBlanc returns in his Golden Globe winning role (as Matt LeBlanc) on Episodes - the biting, hilarious Showtime Original Series about getting screwed in Hollywood. Last season, television writers Beverly and Sean Lincoln had their dreams (and marriage) utterly buggered when their high-brow British sitcom was given a lewd, crude, Hollywood makeover, starring none other than "Joey." Now, with the series pilot projected to be a big hit, the downtrodden scribes are set for success, and Matt LeBlanc is ready for his return to stardom on the small screen. Unfortunately, they soon realize that success in Hollywood is as fleeting as a paparazzi flash. Matt's "big" comeback is bigger than anyone imagined - and not in a good way. Instead of his name in headlines, his waistline is the punch line on all the critics' lips - and when the series bombs in the ratings, it starts to look like Matt could be making the flop of his life - taking Sean and Beverly down with him. Don't miss the new season of the brilliant Hollywood satire Episodes - premiering July 1st at 10:30PM (ET/PT) - only on Showtime.