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Celebrity Apprentice: Episode 3.10: "Celebri-Tea"

In part one of the season finale, the finalists must create a new Snapple tea.

Saturday Night Live: Episode 35.22: "Alec Baldwin"

Alec Baldwin hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

Family Guy: Episode 8.19: "The Splendid Source"

Peter, Quagmire and Joe reunite with Cleveland.

The Simpsons: Episode 21.22: "The Bob Next Door"

Sideshow Bob returns for revenge.

Cops: Episode 22.27: "Police Pullovers #6"

Past relationships cause present trouble.

'Til Death: Episode 4.33: "Let's Go"

Whitey throws a surprise party.

Brothers & Sisters: Episode 4.24: "On the Road Again"

One of William's secret investments brings hope to the Walker family.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Episode 7.25: "Williams Family"

NFL player Michael Oher and the Tuohy Family assist with the project.

Kitchen Nightmares: Episode 2.12: "Sushi Ko"

Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Sushi Ko, a family-owned restaurant in Thousand Oaks, CA. Owner Akira began his career at the high-profile eatery, and after working his way up to owner, he decided to open another location that hasn't been successful. With the restaurant struggling and Akira in tremendous debt, he has lost his passion for cooking, and it has caused major problems in the family dynamic. Will Gordon Ramsay be able to get Akira back into the kitchen, or will the family lose everything they've worked so hard for?

Rescue Ink Unleashed: Episode 1.5: "Rebels With a Cause"

Rescue Ink confronts a cat hoarder and a family with a dog living in squalid conditions, then helps a paralyzed dachshund.