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Fringe: Episode 2.19: "The Man from the Other Side"

When two teenagers on a date turn up "dead" at an abandoned warehouse with three puncture wounds to the soft palate - a trademark of the shape-shifters - the Fringe team investigates the evidence as well as the motives of mastermind Newton. Upon discovering a shape-shifting embryo, Walter returns to the lab to conduct further analysis, and Olivia and Peter head to Massive Dynamic for answers. Meanwhile, Peter reveals a family secret to Olivia as Walter struggles to recall what Newton knows about "building a door".

The Marriage Ref: Episode 1.08: "Adam Carolla, Gloria Estefan, and Donald Trump"

Tom Papa and an expert panel featuring Adam Carolla, Gloria Estefan, and Donald Trump over the quirky disputes of married couples from all over the country.

Community: Episode 1.21: "Contemporary American Poultry"

Jeff and Abed take on the Chicken Finger shortage at Greendale head on creating a division in the group that leaves Jeff without power.

30 Rock: Episode 4.18: "Khonani"

Liz is determined to show her coworkers she knows how to have fun by offering to throw Cerie her bridal shower party.

30 Rock: Episode 4.17: "Lee Marvin Vs. Derek Jeter"

Jack is torn between Nancy and Avery while Jenna offers to be Liz.

Minute to Win It: Episode 1.05: "Week 4"

Host Guy Fieri encourages contestants Matt Marr and no_preson|Samantha Gomez to step up to the challenges that could make them each $1 million richer.