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Fringe: Episode 2.22: "Over There, Part 1"

In part one of the two-part, two-night Season Two finale, Walter and Olivia travel to the parallel universe, and the anticipated face-off between Walter Bishop and William Bell occurs.

30 Rocks: Episode 4.21: "Emmanuel Goes to Dinosaur Land"

Liz struggles to find a date for Floyd.

Parks and Recreation: Episode 2.23: "The Master Plan: Producer's Cut"

Watch a special extended version of Parks and Recreation. Leslie's disappointed when two state auditors put her new park plans on hold. April celebrates her 21st birthday at the Snakehole Lounge.

Bones: Episode 5.21: "The Boy with the Answer"

The trial of The Gravedigger hits close to home for members of the team, and everyone at the Jeffersonian must work overtime to uncover the forensic evidence to elicit a conviction.

The Marriage Ref: Episode 1.11: "Howie Madel, Bette Midler, and Craig Robinson"

Comic Tom Papa and an expert panel featuring Howie Mandel, Bette Midler and Craig Robinson settle the quirky disputes of married couples from all over the country.

FlashForward: Episode 1.19: "The Negotiation"

Mark does everything in his power to protect Gabriel.

Grey's Anatomy: Episode 6.22: "Shiny Happy People"

Karev treats a troubled teen; Meredith shares her suspicions with Cristina.

Private Practice: Episode 3.23: "The End of a Beautiful Friendship"

Addison, Amelia and Fife try to save Maya and her unborn child.

Happy Town: Episode 1.03: "Polly Wants a Crack at Her"

An ominous hawk soars over Haplin as the Thaw Fest is about to start.

Fugitive Chronicles: Episode 1.07: "Burkhart"

A religious fanatic with a history of mental illness, William Burkhart eludes a posse for 34 days in the snow-capped mountains of Colorado in 1995. Burkhart commits a string of bizarre burglaries in unoccupied summer cabins.