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Justified: Episode 1.06: "Collection"

After an apparent suicide on an opulent Kentucky horse farm, Raylan must resist the sexy widow as he searches for the dead man's missing art.

Chuck: Episode 3.15: "Chuck Versus the Role Models"

Chuck and Sarah are mentored by a married pair of CIA spies who happen to hate one another.

The Biggest Loser: Episode 9.15: "Week Fifteen"

The players take a field trip to Texas to motivate a community with the help of last season's contestant, Abby Rike.

Community: Episode 1.22: "The Art of Discourse"

The group is forced to choose between two members; Jeff and Britta are tormented by teens; Troy and Abed work through a quintessential college experience list.

30 Rock: Episode 4.19: "Argus"

Liz steps in when Tracy and Dotcom argue over who will be Grizz's best man.

Parks and Recreations: Episode 2.21: "94 Meetings"

Rob is furious when April mistakenly schedules 93 meetings in one day - a day she thought didn't exist.