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Parenthood: Episode 1.12: "Team Braverman"

Amber and Haddie's conflict over Steve threatens to derail the Braverman family's participation in a fundraising walk for Autism Speaks.

American Dad!: Episode 5.18: "Great Space Roaster"

Roger gets roasted for his birthday.

'Til Death: Episode 4.31: "Work Wife"

Joy suffers from the workplace blues.

The Biggest Loser: Episode 9.17: "Week Seventeen"

Quarterback Tony Romo takes the contestants on a hike; past winners Helene Phillips and Erik Chopin discuss the challenges of keeping weight off away from the ranch. Also: Dr. Rob Huizenga offers health updates; the players race over hills of sand while carrying the amount of weight they've lost; videos are reviewed of the contestants' weight-loss journeys; and the final four are determined at the weigh-in.

If I Can Dream: Episode 1.12: "It Was All a Dream"

The moment of truth finally arrives when the Hollywood dream ends for one of the aspiring artists who must pack their bags and head home.

Baccano!: Episode 1.01: The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything About the Possibility of Him Being the Main Character"

Here's all you need to know: A turf war is raging. He takes a bullet to the head. She takes a dip. He's got a bloody stump. He loses some fingers for a second. Friends new, old, and immortal wait at the train station.

Daning with the Stars: Episode 10.09: "Week 9 Results"

The latest elimination; Miley Cyrus performs.

The Chef's Kitchen: Episode 8.199: "Duck"

The Chef cooks up a mighty delicious duck in this action packed episode that will surely curl your taste buds.