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Saturday Night Live: Episode 35:20: "Gabourey Sidibe"

Gabourey Sidibe hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest MGMT.

Chuck: Episode 3.14: "Chuck Versus the Honeymooners"

When Chuck and Sarah unite as a couple they are faced with danger and the true question arises: Will they also unite as a spy team?

The Biggest Loser: Episode 9.14: "Week 14"

Volleyball superstar Gabrielle Reece gives the players a beach workout!

Destination Bollywood: Episode 1.04: "Episode 4"

Watch and vote as 5 singers and 3 dancers compete for $2010 and the title of Emirates Bollywood Champion, then kick back with SmasHits TV, featuring music videos starring Shahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood.

Poker After Dark: Episode 6.32: "He Said, She Said: Day 2"

A monster hand eliminates the first player from this week's show.