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Stargate Universe: Episode 1.19: "Incursion, Part 1"

The Lucian Alliance forces Dr. Rush to help them stage an assault on the Destiny.

Bethenny Getting Married?: Episode 1.01: "Mi Casa, Su Nasa"

Bethenny Frankel launches the next chapter of her life - marriage and a baby. Bethenny Frankel is thrilled to be asked to walk in a fashion show as it gives her the opportunity to show the world her baby bump. Meanwhile, Bethenny Frankel's fiancé Jason wants to plan a housewarming party, but they soon realize they have two very different approaches to life. With her business burgeoning and a wedding to plan, Bethenny Frankel needs to hire someone to assist to her already beleaguered assistant Julie...but Jason has issues with job requirements. She also decides to start facing her past issues head on by beginning therapy.

Glee: Episode 1.22: "Journey"

The moment New Directions has been waiting for has finally arrived: it's time for Regionals! But when Sue pulls a fast one on Will and the glee clubbers, their chances at the title could be compromised. Meanwhile, Quinn's life changes forever.

Royal Pains: Episode 2.02: "Lovesick"

After having her heart broken, Newberg's stepdaughter lands in the hospital with a condition directly related to her relationship woes. Divya attempts to bring romance into her relationship with Raj.

Burn Notice: Episode 4.02: "Fast Friends"

Michael meets Jesse, a recently burned counterintelligence agent looking for Michael's help. Michael agrees to help Jesse clear his name, but first must get him out of the crosshairs of a ruthless drug trafficker seeking revenge.

Fugitive Chronicles: Episode 1.09: "Pritchert"

Craig Pritchert and his girlfriend Nova Guthrie were the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. After meeting and falling in love, the couple embarked on a crime spree that lasted from 1997 - 2003.