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Universal Studios Presents: Episode 1.01: "The Making of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter"

Muggles welcome! Take an inside peek at the new Universal Studios Orlando Resort attraction based on the bestselling books and mega-hit feature film series.

Top Shot: Episode 1.01: "The Long Shot"

Sixteen skilled shooters arrive from around the country to live together, put their marksmanship skills to the test, and compete for the $100,000 prize and title of Top Shot. Divided into two teams, they face off in an obstacle course incorporating unfamiliar rifles from different eras. After a surprising mistake, two unlikely competitors compete in a long-distance sniper challenge that sends the first contestant home.

Past Life: Episode 1.05: "Gone Daddy Gone"

When an office worker with no previous psychiatric history is accused of stealing, he erupts in a violent outburst.

WWE Superstars: Episode 1.61: "Thu, Jun3, 2010"

Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero

America's Most Wanted: Episode 23.31: Episode 31"

Justice is served as criminals are captured.

Cops: Episode 22.23: "Coast to Coast"

Suspects get busted for foul play.

One Piece: Episode 10.453: "The Friends' Whereabouts!"

While Luffy continues his rescue mission, Nami learns a lesson about how to turn rain into cash, and Franky wakes up in a freezing forest full of ferocious cyborg animals!

30 Rock: Episode 4.20: "The Moms"

Liz sets out to reunite her mother with her one true love, Buzz Aldrin.